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Bluewater Project Management Services, LLC


The Bluewater Philosophy

"Bluewater believes that with the right combination of skills, communication, preparation and attention to detail, project teams will produce excellent results."

Bluewater Project Management Services, LLC (Bluewater) is an international consulting firm based in Edmonds, WA. We offer comprehensive, customized support to owners and managers of projects of all types and sizes. Bluewater's principals and associates offer great breadth and depth of project experience, and their expertise is further augmented by their commitment to a team approach. While each work contract has a specific staff assignment, Bluewater's project managers consult closely within the office to ensure that special, relevant experiences and skills are applied to each client's situation. When applied to a project, this wealth of expertise results in reduced project ramp times, more effective anticipation of potential trouble areas, smoother project phase transitions, and the ability to successfully meet project deadlines and budgets.

Bluewater offers general project management services applicable to all disciplines, such as Scheduling, Project Risk Management and Training, and also offers specific construction project related services, such as Constructibility Reviews, Value Engineering and Cost Estimating. These services are offered as stand-alone services for a particular part of a project, as comprehensive packages governing an entire project from start to finish, or as any combination of services that meets the needs of the client. Please see our "Services" section for a more comprehensive and detailed listing.

At the left of this page, there is also a downloadable PDF of our company brochure including our firm profile, a client list, and our service offerings.

Recently we have joined project teams within the following organizations:

Bluewater's staff appreciates the varying needs of each client, and our extensive experience enables us to provide our clients with the tools to effectively maneuver through the intricacies of any project. We have found that excellent results are produced by the right combination of skills, communication, preparation and attention to detail, and we have consistently been able to help our clients exceed project expectations in terms of quality, schedule and cost performance.

Our clients appreciate the professional and quality attention we give to each project, evidenced by the fact that over 85% of our annual revenues are from repeat business. This has helped Bluewater to achieve a growth average of 15% per year.

Service Offerings

General Services
grnarrow.gif Project Risk Analysis
grnarrow.gif Project Scheduling
grnarrow.gif Training

Construction Services
grnarrow.gif Constructability Reviews
grnarrow.gif Cost Analysis
grnarrow.gif Estimating
grnarrow.gif Troubled Project Turnaround
grnarrow.gif Value Management

Please feel free to contact us for additional information on any of these services and products via any of the following means:

 Telephone (alt)206-790-3610

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