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Bluewater Project Management Services, LLC
Claims Support

Resolving claims at court is expensive -- both in time and money. Project claims are often the result of disputes over extra costs, loss of productivity, extensions to the project schedule, reductions in allocated time, or disruptions in the flow of work.

Clearly, the first goal is to avoid project disputes and, ultimately, the need to go to court. Bluewater's project services can do this by helping your project team establish controls, policies and procedures that limit the possibility of contractual claims, provide sufficient documentation to defend a claim, and manage disputes and claims.

Should a claim require negotiation, Bluewater can help you to determine the most economical and efficient means of resolving the dispute. This helps you to determine your probability of success and the cost of achieving it. Typically, Bluewater will prepare an "As-Built" schedule based upon your documented work stoppages, change orders, and other relevant information. From this documentation, Bluewater can determine the impact of claimed events and the contractual obligations of each party.

If the dispute cannot be resolved via negotiation and settlement, Bluewater can provide expert witness in either arbitration or trial. Bluewater can provide reports that form the basis for the preparation of Statements of Claims or Defense, and can also provide additional expert assistance to the legal team.

Bluewater has provided Claims Support to the City of Everett, D.W. Close Company, and Divers Consulting.

For information on some of the ways in which Bluewater has supported their clients, see our client portfolios.

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