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Project Portfolios
Boeing Facilities Group: Puget Sound Region
Systems Integration, including Software Customization

The Challenge
The Boeing Facilities and Management Group require an automated and integrated system to summarize and communicate on a regular basis, the schedule, cost status, and commitment of project management staff for a range of active projects with budgets of between $75,000 and $3,000,000.

The Process
As a first step, Bluewater worked with the facilities management team to define the detailed scope of the project. The next step was to configure a combination of Microsoft Project 2000®, Microsoft Outlook 2000® and Project Partner® (A Bluewater project scheduling software reporting application) to achieve the communications and reporting structure.

The Results
The project scheduling set-up and reporting procedures are currently in the pilot testing phase. It appears that all of the facilities group's information requirements will be achieved within the framework of the existing software capabilities.

For more information on these service, see our Systems Integration page.

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