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Project Portfolios
City of Everett, WA
Systems Integration, including Project Central Deployment

The Challenge
The Public Works and Engineering Departments of the City of Everett, Washington were tracking the allocation of resources within their departments using a variety of systems, both electronic and manual. They wanted the capability to use the City's intranet to plan and schedule the work, have employees update their tasks in the plan electronically and provide the capabilities for senior managers to view and print reports online.

The Process
Bluewater planners and IT personnel met with the City to analyze their current scheduling and planning processes and resource assignments. After several interviews across the functional groups, Bluewater prepared draft policies and procedures for review and approval. Additionally, scheduling templates and planning tools were prepared and evaluated.

The Results
The City of Everett, using Microsoft Project 2000 and the intranet, now monitors 80 - 120 concurrent projects from design studies through construction, with the ability to adjust for fluctuations in design and permitting. In 2002, Microsoft's add-on product Project Central is being implemented to allow interactive information flow among five departments within the City, a capability they don't currently have.

For more information on our offerings, see our Systems Integration page.

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