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The Weyerhaeuser Company
Customized Training featuring "Moving to a Critical Chain Approach to Project Management"

The Challenge
The Weyerhaeuser Pulp Business has adopted a revenue growth strategy that requires the development of specialty pulp products. The success of this strategy is directly influenced by the length of time a new product spends in the R&D development process. Weyerhaeuser has adopted Critical Chain resource management and scheduling techniques to minimize the time from product conception to commercialization. Bluewater was asked to develop a project scheduling training program that incorporated the principles of Weyerhaeuser's capital management process, Microsoft Project 2000 and ProChain critical chain scheduling software.

The Process
Bluewater staff developed a two-day, customized training program that incorporated the R&D Group's methodology and current project examples. The training combined classroom lectures, hands-on computer exercises to practice scheduling techniques and a review of current in-progress project schedules. The formal training was supplemented by one-on-one follow-up sessions and help line support for the class participants.

The Results
The training was successfully completed. All of the active R&D projects have been assigned a development priority and resource allocation is being co-coordinated using the features of Microsoft Project and ProChain. The Pulp Business is currently evaluating the application of critical chain planning and resource management to other areas of the organization.

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