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Project Portfolios
Collins Woerman
Systems Integration, including Project Central Deployment

The Challenge
Collins Woerman, a Bellevue-based architecture and engineering firm, manages approximately 300 projects per year and is working on as many as 100 projects at any one time. Managing 90 architects, CAD engineers, office administrators, and principals across 100 projects requires a coordinated effort and a system that would integrate into their daily business process. Prior to bringing in Bluewater, Collins Woerman relied upon manual systems to manage time and resources for their projects, and was not able to forecast resource utilization more than about 2 weeks ahead. Collins Woerman principals desired greater look-ahead capability and a more integrated approach to managing projects and resources.

The Process
Bluewater trainers, planners and IT personnel met with Collins Woerman principals to analyze their current scheduling and planning processes and resource assignments. After several interviews across the functional groups, Bluewater worked to prepare Microsoft Project templates based on the different types of jobs done in the organization. Bluewater then made these templates available to all team project managers, created an organization-wide resource pool, and connected all of the projects to the resource pool. Bluewater trainers, working with the template builders, developed a custom training curriculum for Collins Woerman's project managers and delivered training sessions on-site.

The Results
Using Microsoft Project 2000's resource pooling and custom template development, Collins Woerman are able to see resource allocation issues out into the future, as far as they are willing to plan, and make staffing decisions based on contracted jobs and play "what-ifs" with resourcing on potential jobs. This helps them to make some smarter decisions about which jobs to bid and which jobs to let go, maximizing their resource utilization without getting in over their heads. For Collins Woerman, Bluewater's Project 2000 implementation fits the bill perfectly.

For more information on these service, see our System Integration and Training pages.

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