Bluewater Project Management Services, LLC
Who We Are

"Bluewater believes that with the right combination of skills, communication, preparation and attention to detail, project teams will produce excellent results."

Three engineering and construction professionals formed Bluewater Project Management Services, LLC in 1998. Our three principals Bill Timmer, Bruce Taylor and John Langer combine to have over 98 years of project management experience. They have worked with construction contractors, architects, engineers and owners in a great variety of fields, both in North America and internationally.

We currently have a full staff of project and scheduling professionals from a diverse background including commercial building, marine container terminals, software development and integration, chemical manufacturing facilities, offshore drilling platforms and state government contract administration. This core group can be expanded quickly through our network of specialized project management and control consultants.

At Bluewater, our business objective is to provide highly skilled, self-motivated personnel, equipped with modern work control tools and specialized training to support our clients' in the management of their project. We function effectively, either as a direct member of a project team or in a training/facilitator role.

As a small team with such a great deal of experience to call on, we stress our team approach to project engagements. While each work contract has a specific staff assignment, we consult within the office to ensure that any special, relevant experiences and skills are brought to bear in each client's situation.

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