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Severson Construction
Planning and Scheduling Services
by John Langer

The information provided below was prepared to help answer questions you may have about how we can work together to schedule your project. One question often asked is, "how much is this going to cost me and can I afford it?"

The following case study documents services and costs associated with services we recently provided to a small general contractor client.


The client's project consisted of the construction on four (4) miles of combat tank road and relocation of existing utilities on a military base. The Owner, the US Army, used the Army Corps of Engineers to administer the contract. This meant that there were extensive planning and scheduling requirements in the contract. The project was to be completed in 360 calendar days with mandated monthly reviews. The total value of the project was in excess of $5,500,000, based on the general contractor's submitted bid. For the project, the general contractor elected to use Microsoft Project 2000.

Planning Phase

Under the scheduling requirements of the contract, the general contractor was to submit a preliminary schedule outlining the activities for the first sixty (60) days after contract award. The preliminary schedule was to contain specific information on the early procurement, submittal review and fabrication/delivery schedule of "long lead" items. The general contractor was to get a $25,000 fixed dollar amount for the submission and approval of the preliminary schedule with no further progress payments to be made until the baseline schedule was subsequently submitted and approved. The preliminary schedule was to be submitted within fourteen (14) calendar days of contract award. Cost for the preliminary schedule was $2,400.

Baseline Schedule

The baseline schedule was prepared using the information in the preliminary schedule and further expanding the level of detail. The baseline schedule contained resource and duration information provided by the general contractor's field supervisory personnel and by subcontractors. Additional information on material lead times and deliveries were also included. At this point the schedule of values was prepared and dollar values assigned based on the discrete schedule activities. The baseline was to be submitted and approved within forty-five (45) calendar days of contract award. The baseline schedule contained 850 activities. The cost for the baseline schedule was $4,100.

Monthly Updates

The contractor was required to prepare monthly updates to the schedule showing the "as-constructed" vs. the "as-planned" and a written narrative on the major events and milestones during the reporting period. Additionally, the progress payment application was reviewed against the schedule of values and the progress of the work shown on the schedule. By contract, the project scheduler was required to attend these meetings. The cost for these updates over a ten (10) month period was $10,000 or $1,000 per month, including local travel expenses.

As-Built Schedule

At the conclusion of the project, the general contractor was required to prepare and submit an "as-built" schedule with a narrative showing all changes from the baseline schedule. This was required prior to receiving final payment. The cost of this "as-built" schedule was $1,600.


In this case study, the total cost for the planning and scheduling including preliminary, baseline, monthly updates and a final "as-built" schedule was $18,100.

We hope this case study has given you an idea of how we can work together to provide the best inn planning and scheduling services for your project. For specific questions or an estimate of costs for your next project, please fill out the scheduling information request form

Created by Bluewater Project Management Services, LLC.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information on any of these projects via any of the following means:

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Severson Construction

Solution Overview

Customer Profile
Severson Construction is a small Seattle-based general contractor providing contracting, demolition, and remediation and asbestos removal services to businesses of all kinds and sizes.

Business Situation
The US Army required the construction of 4 miles of combat tank road and the relocation of existing utilities on a military base. The general contractor, Severson Consulting, brought in Bluewater Project Management Services, LLC. to provide scheduling and management services.

Business Benefits
Due to Bluewater's experience in working on Corps of Engineers projects, Severson Construction was able to maneuver through the extensive contract requirements, and to complete the scheduling and updating requirements at a very fair price.

Solution Components
Microsoft Project 2000®--The clients application of choice, Microsoft Project 2000® provided a common interface for the scheduling and managing the project process.

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