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Troubled Project Turnaround

When a construction project is in trouble, whether from internal or external causes, defaulting the project can be the worst solution. Often, if a systematic "gap" analysis is performed, recommendations can be made to turn the project around.

When called in to address a troubled project, Bluewater will review the work in progress, analyze past performance, review contract documents and solicit input from the client. After a thorough analysis of the problems encountered, Bluewater can make recommendations. These recommendations are developed from schedule analyses, and a written recovery plan and recovery work procedures are developed. If the project can be recovered, Bluewater generates resource-loaded, time-scaled schedules; detailed, short interval work plans, equipment and craft utilization schedules, cash flow projections, staffing requirements, and the earned value curves needed to support the project.

When recovering a troubled project, Bluewater places great emphasis on developing a detailed work plan. This work plan is a comprehensive narrative of the proposed work, citing methods of construction, resource requirements, schedule duration, interface with other trades, and sequencing of activities. Sequencing activities will identify those that minimize or eliminate adverse impact to the project. Work plans have been successful on all types of construction - commercial, municipal and industrial - and on both new and "in progress" projects. Detailed work plans with a clear schedule are the foundation for converting a troubled project into a successful project.

Equipment utilization schedules can also be a key factor in turning a project around. Reviewing material delivery schedules and rescheduling work activities are all-important aspects in the development of an effective equipment utilization schedule and, ultimately, an integrated recovery plan.

To default is rarely the best answer to a troubled project. The winning solution is a successfully completed project, accomplished with proper planning and attention to detail. Let Bluewater help you accomplish a winning solution.

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