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March 1, 2007

Bluewater Project Management Services, LLC no longer sells or supports the MPX Translator or Project Partner products. These products were sold to and supported by Steamboat Communcations of Tacoma, WA. For services and sales, please contact them at 253.565.3201 or fax at 253.460.3638, email:

Bluewater is proficient in the development of software solutions to meet the various needs of the project management community. Throughout our years of development, we have helped many companies through custom software solutions and have released three commercial products. These products are designed to help project managers and teams to better manage their projects, and to attain better results from their existing management software solutions.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information on any of our products and services via any of the following means:

 Telephone (alt)206-790-3610

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